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Book Deliveries in Laos!

In November/December 2023 we traveled to Luang Prabang, Laos. 500 books were purchased. We also attended multiple of the "Conversation Practice" at Big Brother Mouse where kids and adults would come to chat, ask questions, and hone their English skills. We visited Big Sister Mouse Orphanage and School, working with the kids on lessons.

A public bus took us the several hours to Nong Khiaw, both secondary and primary schools got delivery of books. We took a boat upriver, hiking to multiple villages, as you'll see below. A public boat to Muang Ngoy and a hike out to Ban Na delivered more books. A boat, tuk tuk, and another boat got us to Muang Khua to deliver the last of the bunch.

The photos below tell the tale. More will be added here throughout January/February 2024.

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