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Nothing is more important to us than accountability and the integrity of this project. Each month updates will be provided here and full accounting of how donations are used will be provided here. If you ever have questions, please Contact Us

March 2024: Fundraising Launch

4/1/24: Donations Begin! $350

5/1/24: Thank you to all who gave! $425

6/1/24: Planning continues, donations continue... $505

7/1/24: New partnerships/donation locations! $580

May 2023: Site Launch

5/21/23: Launch & first donations: $502

6/04/23: $685 - THANK YOU to all who donated!

6/15/23: $750! We're so grateful!

7/04/23: $775 - we're SO CLOSE to the first book!

8/08/23: $790 - summer may have stalled donations but we're doing our thing!

8/22/23: $1300 (!!!) Our biggest week of donations yet. THANK YOU!

9/15/23: Covid, updates paused for a week or two

10/24/23: $1450 - in less than a month we'll be distributing books in Laos!

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