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About Us

We’re Brian and Heather. For those of you who found this website and don’t know us, what follows are Cliff’s Notes. We’ve been married for nearly 25 years. We try to live a simple life with our two rescue cats and both have a life-long love of reading. We both spent much of our childhoods buried in books and often share memories of the library book clubs of our youth and the seasonal memories of a hot summer day reading in the shade or a cold winter night curled up with a blanket and a book. Throughout our marriage, we’ve always read – separately, and nearly every night we read something aloud to share the joy.

We fell in love with Southeast Asia on a previous trip and have already planned and saved for our anniversary trip to Laos. We want to do something that would be “bigger than us”, something that would do some good in the world. We discovered Big Brother Mouse and their publishing and distribution of books. What better way than to do something that will impact countless people over many years and give them the building blocks to discover reading – which can bring so much joy and so many opportunities?

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