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What It Takes

Our Goals


Publish 1 (or more) Books

Big Brother Mouse in Luang Prabang Laos has a wish list of books in their queue. Our goal is to pay for the publication of at least one new book. The more we can raise, the more new titles can be published. 100% of donations go to the direct cause.


Provide a Book Party

Packs of books are taken to a village and distributed along with a 'free library'. We're working out the logistics to take packs of books to villages only accessible by boat or on foot. This will be documented on the "Pictures of the Journey" page. 2023 is documented there.

Full financial accounting is available on the Accounting page.


Train A Teacher

If donations exceed our wildest dreams. Training a teacher benefits that individual and their family and everyone they encounter.

100% of donations are used explicitly for books or teacher training. 

The Plan

2023 saw over 500 books distributed to schools and orphanges in northern Laos to villages like Nong Khiaw, Muang Ngoy, Ba Na, and more. In 2024, we plan to distribute even more books and we will do this in central and southern Laos in areas like Vang Vieng, Don Det, and more. We're planning the logistics and looking for small villages in need. If you have knowledge of the area, consider contacting us.


The impact of your support will be tangible, and you'll witness the joy on the faces of children as they delve into the magical world of storytelling. 

Join us on this incredible journey and be a catalyst for change. Together, let's ignite a love for reading, one book at a time. Together, let's make a difference in the lives of children in Laos. 

Please consider donating now and help us bring the gift of literacy to Laos! Together, we can create a brighter future through the power of books

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Timeline of Events



  • Grow donations

  • Answer questions

  • Logistics

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  • Donations close, funds sent to Big Brother Mouse / Laos Literacy Project.

  • Book(s) to be printed specified and logistics finalized.


November 24-28

  • Visit Big Brother Mouse/Big Sister Mouse School (0% of your donations go toward this) and volunteer/work with children learning English. 

  • "Book Party" Deliver books upriver from Luang Prabang to Muang Ngoy and Ban Na, villages only accessible by boat and by foot/oxcart (0% of your donations go toward the travel, only the books).

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